A Race Against Time Creating a vision for ourselves (Samdigital) Posted on 8 Mar 09:06

Someone once said … “Time flies. But it’s up to you to be the navigator.”

This matter of Time is a complex issue. Time …Some folks save it, others make it, most waste it, several kill it, and a few actually are on it. Many try to manage it and end up losing it. Time is a taker. Once past, it never returns. How it’s spent determines the satisfaction of life. Creating a vision for ourselves can assist you with Time.

People say Time is relative. But relative to what I do know that sometimes … Time “SEEMS” to be moving slower. Remember Christmas Eve when you were a child? It was the longest night of the year. It lasted forever! And now it seems like I just paid my mortgage yesterday … and it’s due again! How we spend our Time or how we “invest” our Time is the variable.

People tell me all too frequently … I need more time! Oh, really? …Mother Teresa, Michelangelo, and Helen Keller all had 24 hours a day. Look what they did with their Time! They all used their Vision of self to leverage Time and live up to their greatest potential. Don’t settle for your life the way it is now unless you’re completely satisfied with it.

I don’t know of any of us who don’t need to be better Time managers. Is it that we need to manage our Time better … or our priorities? You’ve heard the expression “first things first.” The first step in understanding the power of Time is to understand that it is limited. We all get 60 minute hours and 24 hour days. Why is it then that some people get a lot more done? We know the answer. They use their Time smarter.

Now … in no way am I am going to advocate cramming more into your days. They are probably too full already! This is one of those cases where less is more. The less “total” things you do … the more “important” things you’ll get done! We have to learn to eliminate the fluff! I’m not talking about eliminating all your “recreational “activities. They are important. I’m talking about “fluff.” People who seem to have no Time to do anything and yet they watch TV 5 hours a day, is way out of balance. It’s not a matter of not having Time … it’s a matter of not using the Time you have wisely and understanding that Creating a vision for ourselves is all about learning how to make Time work for us.

Something as simple as making a daily “to-do” list will save you hours and you will accomplish more than ever.
One day an expert on Time management was speaking to a group of highly motivated overachievers at college, and announced a quiz. He pulls out a large, wide-mouthed jar and sets it before them. Next, he places about a dozen fist-sized rocks, one at a time, into the jar, until no more will fit. ‘‘Is it full?” he asks. ”Yes,” responds the class. ”Oh really?” he asks. So he reaches under the table and produces a bucket of gravel, which he manages to work down into the spaces between the larger rocks. ”Is it full now?” he asks.

Wising up, one answered, ”Probably not.” Sure enough, he reaches under the table and produces a bucket of sand, which he pours into the empty spaces. ”Is it full now?” he asks. ”No!” reply the students confidently. So he takes a pitcher of water and fills it to the brim. Then he asks,

”What is my point?”
One responds with the obvious connection that a high achiever would make. ”The point is,” he said,” no matter how full your schedule is, if you try really hard, you can always fit some more things into it!”

”No,” the speaker replied, ”that’s not the point. The truth this illustration teaches us is: If you don’t put the big rocks in first, you’ll never get them in at all.”

So, Creating a vision for ourselves Teaches us to evaluate what is most important in your life, and schedule that in first, or you might find yourself a slave to the emergency situation, while neglecting what is most important.
Another challenge is the lack of direction. Without a direction we are just “killing Time”. It’s been said that killing Time is not murder, it’s suicide. You need direction! That’s part of focus. Forget about the “sizzle” … the rush of adrenaline. Forget the “potential.” Does this fit into my mission plan? Is this going to take me toward my life goals or is it going to take me away from it. Lack of direction keeps you walking around in circles. Here’s another “ebyism” for you. “Never confuse activity with accomplishment!”

Being busy is not your goal. Being productive is!

Being a good steward of your Time does not mean world domination. It means balance!

Here’s another quick point.

Everything you have … you traded your Time for. Your house … you traded your Time. Your flat stomach … you traded your Time for that. Your clean house…. you traded your Time for that, Life Training you have traded your Time for that also. Everything you have … you traded your Time for it. Make absolutely sure that whatever you are trading your Time for … is worth it! So if you’re not happy about a certain aspect of your life, change it. Never live down to your lowest potential, live up to your greatest potential.

The rich don’t get 25 hours and the poor don’t get 23 … we all get the same time. Let’s use it wisely! Create a bigger version of yourself. Don’t let yourself become distracted or deterred from your goals. Continue to practice the same vision you’ve always dreamt to be your reality, the one you know you deserve. How do you see you?